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PVPN Actor Michael Eckert is “ALL In”

Michael Eckert is a veteran of Westmont’s own PVPN community theater as well as halloween character roles. This will be Michaels first film role and he is “All In”

Michael has been cast as the lead in ROBOT. Of course that means he will play Robot.

Michael Eckert plays Mortifuss
Michael Eckert plays Mortifuss in Romeo & Juliet – 10 Years Later

“I’m 100% behind him in the role. This is going to be unbelievable. Michael is unbelievable” says co-director Luke Zintak.

Michael is a master of voice control and came to the audition with three distinct voices for the character. While he is still exploring the character he is honing in on how Robot interacts with the world around him.

“This role is exciting to me” Michael explains.
“Is Robot actually experiencing emotions or is he learning to act appropriately to an emotional situation. It’s a challenge.”

Michael is set to meet with Dennis Preston of Preston Perspective to begin lifecasting of his face and body.

Stay tuned as we follow the process of creating ROBOT!


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