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Have You Seen this Man?

John K Jonak is the principal of Westmont Jr. High.

John sat in the chair while Dennis turned him into some sort of alien thing.

John donated his time to help bring awareness to the Westmont Frozen Film Fest and MilkStop Creative. He stayed for the entire fest but had to jump off to another event with his family immediately following in full make up.

“My daughter was freaked out” he said

The man behind the mask
The man behind the mask

The makeup was part of a demonstration at Frozen Film Fest to show how practical effects can impact a movies look and feel. In todays world of special effects and CGI it was feared by many that the artistry was to be lost.  Not so fast! There is a marvelous trend in movie making today. Filmmakers are discovering the true benefits of practical effects. Even the mighty Star Wars 7 is ditching more CGI for the practical this time around.

MilkStop will cover this topic in future videos and blogs.

Look for more exciting collaborations between MilkStop, John Jonak, Vice Principal Amy Quattrone and Westmont.

There are some great ideas floating around right now! 48 HOUR FILM FEST ANYONE?

Video by Mike Tomano and Mike Rago

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