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We need Sarah!

We are casting the final role in ROBOT

It is a bit of an unorthodox method but then again so is MilkStop Creative. This is a casting call for the role of Sarah in the upcoming short ROBOT. (Script side below)

If you can be Sarah regardless of experience we want to audition you! Filming begins in March.

Sarah is in her 30s to early 40s. She is the owner of a bar set slightly in the future. She is a very capable person but she spends all her time keeping the bar afloat. As a result she looks tired she is tired. Sarah’s lone “employee” is a Serverbot, an AI unit designed to serve drinks and food as a waiter. After 7 years in her establishment the Serverbot is breaking down, is in need of repair and is developing odd behavior.

Her social life is zero with the exception of her interaction with the Serverbot and her customers. She has never been married and has no children.

The role will play opposite Michael Eckert

Feature the stunning cinematography of Stephen Wester.

The Direction of Luke Zintak.

Produced by Leonard Bocx.

email bripojoe@gmail.com or call me 630 886-3516.




The bar only has a couple people in it beside Sarah. The usual patron is one of them in his usual spot. Robot is standing nearby.


Robot, come here

Robot does not move.


Come here please

Robot moves toward him.


I got this thing figured out.


Come on don’t


No, no, no, no. It’s alright. It’s a machine. I can’t piss him off. But, it’s like a puzzle. How do I hit it. It’s too quick to hit.

The patron raises his arm to strike. Robot catches it at the forearm again.


This is one of those AI units. They learn.

The patron swings with the other hand to strike Robot. Robot catches it too.


Somewhere this guy learned to catch punches.

The Patron quickly headbutts Robot striking him around the nose. There is no reaction or movement from Robot. It is as if the Patron had struck a solid wall. He pulls away and there is a slight trickle of blood running from his forehead and a smudge of his blood on Robot.


Taught you a new one there didn’t I?


Robot let go.

Robot does not.


Robot! LET GO!

Robot lets go without dropping his arm and Sarah looks to the Patron.


Sit down and cut it out.

Sarah looks caringly at Robot.


You okay honey?


I am a robot. I am fine.


I know it but…

Sarah is looking at Robot for some sort of human expression. She has a caring and hopeful look. She is looking into Robots eyes but ultimately does not see what she was looking for.


I love you Sarah.

She pauses a moment to let it sink in then breaks into a quiet chuckle.


That’s great.

She adjusts his clothing and pats his chest in a caring manner.


I suppose I could do worse.

Another person enters the bar. It is service technician. He extends a business card to Sarah while looking at Robot.


Hello, I am here to service your ServerBot.


Can you adjust it’s attitude?

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