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First Silent Film Stand Up Comedian

I, living in the bowels of MilkStop Studios have experienced some strange things. Rats, squatters, anarchists, the seven muses of Eleusis, hunger and that strange night aliens came down from Zeba Ganubi to name a few.

Ryan Close upBut on the steamy Tuesday last, I was all alone in the boiler room when I heard a ruckus. My belly turned to ice and my hair stood on end. Once I worked up the courage to see what was the fuss and I noticed a colorless women hiding in the dusty dark. She seemed disorientated. Nearly as much as I, but not quite.

I approached the lady and eventually connected over a stiff cup of coffee and enlightened one way conversation. I was immediately in love. Oh how I talked her ear off. I grokked that she was THE Louise Brooks, silent film actress from the early 1900’s and now I was her slave.

She expressed that she wanted to be the first SILENT stand up comedian!! “Brilliant”, I said.

“ I brush the teeth and empty the trash for the men upstairs. They have a 3 Minute Late Night Talk Show! I will get you on as a guest! I can make it happen for you… MY LOVE”

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