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Two Hosts, One Mic, Good Luck With That!

It was a lovely late spring morning when we had assembled upon that fateful morning in the studio. It was like any other production meeting for 3MLN.

The writers sat around the table trying to reinvent the fart joke. Aldi, our producer, was debating which athletic sandals were the most comfortable with our director Brian. Ryan was squirreling away the complementary muffins in his duffel bag. Mike was sniffing donuts, one at a time, playing his own private game of “What’s My Filling?” The meeting was largely indistinguishable from any other production meeting…

…until Leonard Bocx showed up.

“If we are to promote the independent arts at a national scale, as we have committed ourselves to do we must understand the indie scene completely”

He was not dressed in the same dashing way we at 3MLN had grown accustom to. He strode into the room, wearing skinny-leg jeans, a waxed mustache, a betassled knit hat (in late spring), a fashionable scarf (again, in late spring), carrying a slab of thick-cut bacon and a case of PBR. He was barely recognizable. Security sprang quickly into action when Ryan stood up and screamed “Hipsters! We’re being invaded by hipsters!”

After the confusion settled, Leonard opened up the meeting.

“If we are to promote the independent arts at a national scale, as we have committed ourselves to do,” he said, “we must understand the indie scene completely. I have spent all night learning their ways, drinking their craft-sodas, and listening to the confusing lyrics of their acoustical music. I have communed with them over a basket of kale chips.”

Brian, nervously raised his hand, to ask Leonard about the abrupt change is his demeanor. Leonard shut down Brian’s inquiry with a swift and defensive scolding.

“Nonsense, Brian. I was dressing like this before it was popular!”

Leonard continued his address of the table, “I know exactly the kind of guest we need on our show. We need the kind of guest that speaks directly to these bold, independent, young, millennials.”

Leonard then cued up an episode of “Emma’s Closet Show” while he sank back into his chair.

Unfortunately I can’t go into too much more detail, as Leonard has just asked me to research whether or not Arcade Fire has done a limited vinyl release of any of their albums. I hope this phase passes quickly.

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