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The Women Who Loved Weirdo Goon

Auditions for ‘The Woman Who Loved Weirdo Goon’ are Sunday, June 5th in Westmont, IL at MilkStop Studios (http://milkstopcreative.com)

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Weirdo Goon
Male, 50’s-70’s, White, introvert, delusional

The Landlord
Male, 40’s-60’s, White, ill-tempered with a great angry voice

The Scientist
Male, 30’s-50’s, African American, witty, fun-spirited, flamboyant

One-Eyed Waldo
Male, 20’s-30’s, Comical, Internet Personality, Asshole at times

Male, 13-18, someone subject to being bullied

The Woman
Female, 50’s-70’s, a polite, warm-hearted, homeless

About the Project:
The Woman Who Loved Weirdo Goon is an indie short film being shot in late summer/early fall in Chicagoland area. The film is a 20 min dark comedy in black/white live-action and also with traditional-style color animation. The story is about a legendary graphic novelist named ‘Weirdo Goon’ who published only one graphic novel in 1968 but then vanished and became a recluse. The story picks up current time where we get into the character’s insanity and delusional mind. Aspects from his graphic novel start coming to life and he becomes incapable of separating art from reality. It has dark themes about loneliness, mental illness and hallucinogenics; however, it is also about romance and love.

The film already has lots of talent on board and will have a premiere showing at the Gene Siskel Film Center upon completion.

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