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Milkstop is visited by Illinois Film Office

The Illinois Film Office has already referred one production to Westmont.

Milkstop Creative had the honor of hosting a couple of gentlemen from the Illinois Film Office a few weeks ago. Raul Esparza and Nathan Birkett couldn’t have been kinder as Brian Polacek, Carla Cash, and I showed them around the greater downtown Westmont area to help build their locations library. The Illinois Film Office is charged with scouting locations and providing resources for filmmakers who are looking for specific places to shoot their projects as well as provide information on Illinois’ tax policies for the industry.

Illinois Film Industry Generates $330M in 2015. The Industry continues to diversify, show potential with increasing need for content

We took them to a few buildings including the Westmont Park district, the ball field where the 1993 film Rookie of the Year (Starring Thomas Ian Nicholas and Gary Busey) was filmed, and some small businesses in the downtown area where they took photographs chatted with the folks in charge. Hopefully this will attract area filmmakers to Westmont and create a steady buzz in the filmmaking community.

'Rookie Of The Year' ball field, Westmont, IL.
‘Rookie Of The Year’ ball field, Westmont, IL.






If you are an independent filmmaker and you are staging a large production, the Illinois Film Office is a great place to start, as they can assist you with any location of film tax questions you may have. They are a great resource that should be utilized as Chicago is still a production hotbed for filmmakers.

Thanks to Raul and Nathan for coming by and we hope to see you again soon!

For more information on the Illinois Film Office, please go to: www.illinoisfilm.biz

Illinois Film Office visits Milkstop and tours Westmont for locations!
Illinois Film Office visits Milkstop and tours Westmont for locations!

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