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MilkStop is a backlot for ZERO to LOW BUDGET films!

We are passionate filmmakers, and this business came about like most small businesses do, in order to solve common problems all filmmakers encounter. We need access to locations where we can shoot our films. Access to great resources, from gaffers to crews.  Venues with audiences where we can screen our films.  And finally, access to film festivals where we can show off our films. Milkstop answers those needs. Based in Westmont, IL, we have developed deep and extensive relationships with local businesses who are film friendly, places that allow films to be made, places where films can be shown, and local resources to make it all possible.

The brainchild of Rage Agency, a leading digital marketing company, Milkstop is named after the local train station which was used as a milk station stop. Rage Agency brings its mighty marketing talents to the table, enabling film makers to benefit from it’s skills.

The Downtown Westmont Community is opening it’s arms and doors to provide filming locations and venues to premiere your work.

How does it work?

-A filmmaker subscribes to MilkStop Creative. It’s FREE!

-Browse our Video Location Manager for a location that best suits your project. It’s FREE as well!

-Submit a request we’ll check out your project and make the connections once accepted. Oh yeah, it’s FREE.

What is expected from the Filmmaker?

-Convince us that your project is something that we will all be proud to be part of.

-Show your completed film in one of our FREE Westmont venues and invite as many people as you can. We love premieres!

-Enter your film into the Frozen FilmFest and invite as many people as you can. Of course it’s FREE.

-Give us a credit for our services in your movie.

-Tell everyone you love us.

Okay here’s the catch!

We’re in this together. We need to work as a MilkStop Community to keep locations open and FREE.

We want you, your crew and all your invited friends to buy goods and services in Westmont. There are no minimum requirements but the more a business sees coming back to them the more likely it is that that location will be available for future projects.

Support the MilkStop Project and Westmont Community by making as many of your regular purchases here in town. By a candy bar, a tank of gas or sign up for dance lessons if that’s your thing.

That’s all we’re asking. Spread the word and support the community.