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Kicking Your Soul!

Salt Creek Thumb

Beware this video could prompt spontaneous pirouettes from it’s viewers! Sergey Kozadayev, Artistic Director at Salt Creek Ballet along with his wife Zhanna Dubrovskaya bring their passion for dance to Westmont, Illinois all the way from St. Petersburg, Russia Kicking Your Soul tells the life story of two dancers who …

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A Simple Collection


Complex and meaningful stories reach out to us from this simple collection of keychains Share with Joe and Pam as they share their stories with us. Joe has collected over 35,000 keychains in his time and not one is without a history. A keychain is a very personal thing when you think about …

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Action Fabrics


Feel the Energy Keep shop with Julie in this colorful and lively environment. This is far more than a fabric store it’s a launching pad for adventure and a meeting place for all kinds of personalities.

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Mary’s House


Mary is learning as she goes Mary has lived on both sides of the Atlantic but has now settled in to dedicate her life to improving the environment. She is starting by building an eco-friendly house. Her once ordinary home now collects clean rainwater for irrigation, harvests the sun for energy …

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