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The Fun Stuff!

Your project is complete. Whether you shot one scene or an entire film here we want to celebrate it with you.

As a MilkStop subscriber we ask that you schedule a showing in Downtown Westmont. This will be a pre-showing of your film entrance into the FROZEN FILM FEST.

Most of our FREE venues are small. They are restaurants, bars and other small business. Seating varies but generally seat up to 50. Larger venues up to 300 may be free as well or negotiated. This is an opportunity for the filmmaker to give back to the community that supports your project. Invite crew, friends and family. Encourage your guests to buy dinner or drinks.

Your showing will be promoted through MilkStop so expect a crowd! We will also cover this as a promotional event for the FROZEN FILM FEST. Make sure your stars are there!

 This is a no fee service. Subscription is free!

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